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The Flexible, Hybrid Workplace is Here to Stay at CNO
July 2022

We recently reopened our corporate offices and couldn’t be more excited to welcome back our associates.

The last couple of years have challenged companies and associates to rethink the workplace and what that looks like in the future. Our associates told us they wanted a mix of working in the office and at home. And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why, we believe the flexible and hybrid workplace is here to stay.

At CNO, the majority of our associates can decide how best to balance their hybrid work schedules – both in-office and at home schedules. Some teams are coming into the office to use our collaboration spaces to strategize and work on projects together. We love seeing our teams come together to collaborate, network, do service projects or just have lunch. 

“When we reopened our offices, we knew we were not returning to the same work experience we left over two years ago,” said Yvonne Franzese, chief human resources officer. “We've reinvented how we work, reimagined a new workspace environment, and deployed new technology to support that new work experience. We are creating a work environment that reflects the new way to work as more associates are expected to not be in the office every day.”

“CNO continues to add benefits and programs to better support employees who are caregivers,” said Annemarie Campus, supervisor, claim operations who has worked at CNO for more than 30 years. “I am a caregiver to my children and to both my mother and mother-in-law. The flexibility to choose to be in the office or work from home, has allowed me to be a greater support to those who I am a caregiver for and save more of my personal time off for myself and address self-care.”

We commit to providing the flexible, hybrid workplace our associates are looking for with workplace updates such as modern office spaces and work schedules that meet their everyday needs. For CNO associates, here is what that looks like:

  • You Decide Where You Work. While requiring something such as “three days in the office, two at home” might be hybrid, it isn’t flexible. That’s why CNO has no such mandates. Our associates can decide how often they work from home or at the office to best met their team, business and personal needs.


  • Alternative Workday Structures. In addition to the freedom of choosing where you work, you’ll also find an option that allows for a non-traditional 9-5 workday. Sometimes, that type of schedule simply doesn’t provide the work/life balance our associates may need. At CNO, associates can work with their managers to temporarily adjust their schedule for a more fluid work week. Examples include compressed workweeks, split shifts, working non-traditional work hours, make-up time or alternative hours, reducing work hours, or moving to a part-time schedule.


  • Reimagined Office Spaces. From new individual quiet desks to technology-forward meeting rooms, our office spaces play a role in giving associates an experience that helps build our corporate culture in a hybrid work environment. These spaces are designed to encourage collaboration, agility and innovation to support the growth of our business and associate well-being. For some of our corporate office locations, associates also have access to amenities such as an associate gym, medical clinic, and a staffed IT Helpdesk.


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