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The Conseco Insurance Companies Introduce Electronic Signature Capabilities with New Ezapp Software

Carmel, Ind., January 14, 2005 — Agents who represent the Conseco insurance companies can now enjoy quicker processing of new business applications through electronic submission with Conseco EzApp. This revolutionary software reduces application errors and processing turnaround times, leading to quicker policy issue and commission payments for agents.

Conseco EzApp is a software application that allows agents to enter new business applications electronically from their laptop computers. Applications are entered “offline” at point of sale; no Internet connection is required when working with the client. The EzApp system helps ensure that all required information is included in the application, eliminating the most common reason for pending business: incomplete applications. All required language and state-specific forms are presented during the application process and rates are automatically calculated, further reducing errors.

A key feature of Conseco EzApp is an electronic signature for the writing agent and the client, eliminating the need for cumbersome signature pads. Upon logging in, the agent enters a user name and password that serve as a signature. Clients use a four-digit PIN and answer three personal questions as a “signature.”

After completing business each day, agents simply connect to the Internet to submit all new business applications to the Conseco insurance companies. Within minutes agents can log in to Conseco’s agent portal Web site to print copies of submitted applications and check the status of pending business.

Response from Conseco agents has been positive. “Conseco EzApp was easy to install, and we started using it for new business right away,” said Brian Lightner, an insurance marketer from Florence, Kentucky. “Not only does it reduce the paperwork we complete during the sale, but our new business has been issued much quicker through electronic submission.”

Gail Van Dalen, Conseco’s senior vice president of marketing sales support, said, “We are excited and proud to introduce Conseco EzApp, an innovative e-application tool that will make it easier for agents to do business with Conseco. With Conseco EzApp, new business applications will be ‘clean’ upon submission, resulting in faster processing and quicker commission payments to agents. It’s just another demonstration of Conseco’s commitment to the agents and independent marketing organizations who distribute Conseco products each day.”

Conseco EzApp is available for use with all of supplemental health insurance products offered by the Conseco insurance companies, including cancer, accident, heart/stroke and Medicare supplement.

The Conseco insurance companies serve nearly 5 million customers across America. Conseco’s cancer, heart/stroke, accident and Medicare supplement policies protect people against major unplanned expenses; Conseco’s annuities and life insurance products help people plan for their financial futures.

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